Other Personal Property SEARCH AND PAY TAXES

Personal Property

All personal property that has a tax situs in North Carolina is subject to Ad Valorem Taxation, shall be listed annually with the exception of registered motor vehicles. For Personal Property Listing form click here.

Ownership and situs of personal property are determined as of January 1st each year. It is the responsibility of the owner to file a listing each year during the listing period. This period is from January 1 through January 31. Failure to list during this time will result in a 10% penalty being added to the assessment.

Personal property includes, but is not limited to manufactured homes, boats, motors, jet skis, airplanes, and motor vehicles, motor homes, campers, and trailers that are not registered. Registered meaning that they have a current license tag issued by the NCDMV. Except for permanent multi-year tags, they should be listed each year.

Registering watercraft with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Boat Registration Division does not list the watercraft for county tax purposes with the Burke County Tax Listing Department.

Registering an aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration does not list the aircraft for tax purposes with the Burke County Tax Listing Department.

For any questions concerning property listing or to establish an account, owners should contact the Burke County Listing Department at (828) 764-9452 or (828) 764-9453.

See Personal Property Listing Form