The Tax Office is responsible for listing, appraising and assessing all real and personal property located in Burke County. This office is also responsible to collect real and personal property taxes for Burke County, Town of Glen Alpine and the Town of Rhodhiss. Burke County collects Motor Vehicle taxes for the COunty and all fire districts and municipalities.

  • The Tax Administrator’s office is responsible for listing and appraising all real and personal property in Burke County. This office is also responsible for collection for the county, all fire districts, Town of Glen Alpine and Town of Rhodhiss, along with motor vehicle taxes for all other municipalities.
  • The Tax Collections Office is located in door "D" on the first floor of the Burke County Services Building. All other Tax Offices, along with the Land Records/GIS, Addressing, and Mapping Departments are located on the second floor. These offices can be accessed by entering door "C" and taking the elevator to the second floor.
  • Other duties under Tax Administration are the Revaluation and Board of Equalization and Review.
  • Other offices located in the Burke County Services building are: Building Inspections, Environmental Health, Planning, Veterans Services and the Burke County Board of Commissioners Board Room

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Important Dates to Remember

January General listing period and date to file for exemptions or exclusions
January 1 Date of Assessment
January 5 Last day to pay without interest
January 6 Interest begins
January 1-31

Tax listings for all personal property excluding tagged motor vehicles.

Delinquent tax notices are sent for current year.

February 28 Last day to pay taxes and avoid Lien Advertisement
March Lien Advertisement of delinquent taxes
March 30 Last date to file listings with prior approved extension
April 1 All valuations appeals must be received before the first meeting of the Board of Equalization
June 1 Last day to apply Age or Veterans Exclusion
July Tax bills for current year processed and mailed
July 2% discount for early payment
August 1% discount for early payment
September Taxes become due
Each month Tax notices are incorporated in with vehicle registration.  When one renews their vehicle registration they also pay their taxes.